SundayStyles: For the Belmondo Look

By Kimberly Stevens


When Peter Kearnan travels to Paris, he always packs his Pierre Emile Lafaurie shirts. An executive for an international advertising agency in Manhattan, he goes to Paris about once a month and became hooked on buying them there. ''When I heard they were carrying them at Sean, I had heart palpitations,'' he said. ''I bought a bunch for myself, a few for my brother and a couple for my dad.'' Sean, at 181 Prince Street, which opened last September, is the sole American seller of the traditional men's cotton shirts. They come in 23 shades and cost $88. Lavende (lavender) and bleu royale (royal blue) are the most popular. The shop's owner, Sean Cassidy -- no, not that Sean Cassidy -- was approached by the Mercer Hotel to outfit its staff in lavender, and he is negotiating. ''The nice thing about these shirts is people collect them,'' he said. ''They go with a tie or a pair of jeans.''